2020 Recipients

We are proud to announce and share our 2020 Recipients for the annual UHAA Scholarships.

Congratulations to ALL!

High School Recipients

Arlinda Yang
Being balanced beyond her limit is Arlinda’s greatest strength. An All Conference soccer student-athlete, Advanced Placement (AP) scholar, active community service volunteer, youth soccer coach, and valedictorian; what more can Arlinda do? Arlinda exemplifies the qualities of a well-rounded young lady who will not be afraid to speak up. Her teachers speak highly of her and consider her “one of my strongest students,” “poised and confident and had a desire to learn and grow,” and “quickly distinguished herself from the other students with the outstanding quality of her work.” Congratulations and we wish you the best at UW-Madison!

Personal Biography:
I’m Arlinda Yang and I am a 2020 graduate from Riverside University High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During my four years in high school, I held many positions of leadership; some being President of NHS, Treasurer for Student Council, Chief Editor of the Yearbook, Captain of the soccer team, and many more. I’ve grown as a leader from these roles in my school and along the way made many memories. Even with multiple honors and AP classes, I was able to rank #1 out of my class of 308. My commitments in high school have ingrained in me a work ethic that will prove useful during my time at The University of Wisconsin-Madison where I plan to attend in the fall. It is because of organizations like the UHAA that help Hmong-American students continue to a post-secondary education that has made college possible for me. I am forever grateful to receive this scholarship.

Gaosheng Yang
Being resilient and overcoming challenges that not many people her age will experience later in life, this young lady of character can teach us a little life lesson. A distinguished scholar with exemplary academic excellence especially with high marks in all Advanced Placement courses, Gaosheng is on the right path to success. Her teachers speak highly of her and consider her “full of energy and enthusiasm,” “a highly disciplined and self-motivated learner,” and “challenges herself to go beyond what was expected and makes it look easy.” Congratulations and we wish you the best at Stanford! Yes, Stanford; welcome to the Ivy League.

Personal Biography:
Hello, my name is Gaosheng Yang. I was born in Sacramento, CA, but I am currently living in Appleton, WI. I am the second youngest in my family of three brothers and four sisters. Recently, I graduated from Appleton West High School and will be pursuing post-secondary education at Stanford University. There are a variety of topics I am interested in, however, I am most passionate about world history, governance, and multiculturalism. With these passions, I hope to major in Anthropology to expand my knowledge in society’s history and development. Specifically, I plan to take a forensic anthropology approach; I want to understand the context of investigations and present evidence that will serve the truth.

My success is and will continue to be fostered by my family, friends, teachers, and community. I am learning from their support, and in doing so, I hope to reflect my own gratitude by paying it forward to others. Therefore while I pursue my own goals, I also look forward to improving underserved communities. My vision is to provide opportunities to those who cannot access such resources in hopes of empowering their successes.

Lucinda Kue
Being a young lady of service in her various leadership roles greatly characterized Lucinda as an aspiring change agent for social goods and equality in the Hmong community. Her role as FCCLA president and youth apprenticeship ambassador sets high expectations for all and is an inspiration to elevate Hmong youth. Her teachers speak highly of her and consider her “one of the rare students that seems capable of doing just about everything the school has to offer and doing it well,” “always ready and willing to lead,” and “sets standard for future students by making it better than when she got there.” Congratulations and we wish you the best at UW-Madison.

Personal Biography:
I am a first-generation and I am the oldest of 4. I am currently going to UW-Madison as undecided, but I am looking to potentially pursue a career in education or business. During high school, I discovered the beauty in defining what being Hmong-American means to me and how powerful self-love and acceptance can be. Steps that I have taken to define and shape being Hmong-American is questioning the cultural gender expectations, realizing that there is a gap in pursuing education between genders, watching the film Gran Torino, and overall working to educate myself more on being Hmong regardless of the judgments that come. I am trying my best to educate myself on being Hmong, to make sure that my culture is not forgotten and to do that some things must change because the world is progressing and the Hmong culture must progress as well.

Some easy ways that you can educate and connect with others on what being Hmong in America means is by listening to some Hmong-American podcasts on apple (I fairly just discovered this and so far really enjoy the ones that I’ve heard!), joining groups on Facebook like “Hmong Women Today Community”, and having conversations asking friends and family what they think should change in the Hmong community (be sure to listen, but give some good feedback as well). I am incredibly honored and grateful to receive this scholarship and thank you for supporting the Hmong youth.

Chao Xiong
Setting a strong foundation with the desire to learn is Chao’s greatest strength whether it’s for himself or others. For others, he founded the Rufus King International High School Business and Economics club, and advocated for boys volleyball. For himself, he built a strong foundation by completing the Pre-college Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence every summer from freshman to senior year, which puts him on the path to success. His teachers speak highly of him and consider him “as someone with a kind and positive nature, helping others to raise their performance,” “extremely intellectual and measured when examining complicated issues and policies,” and “I can not say enough good things about Chao Xiong.” Congratulations and we wish you the best at UW-Madison!

Personal Biography:
My name is Chao Xiong. My ethnicity is Hmong. I was born in Thailand and came to the United States as a refugee when I was two years old. It has always been my parent’s dreams and now mine to attend University for higher education. I am a graduate of the high school class of 2020 from Rufus King IB High School, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This upcoming fall semester, I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I plan to double major in Neurobiology and Business/ Finance. My life goal is to become a full-fledged Medical doctor with a focus in Neurosurgery. Business and finance have always been in my best interest. I founded and was the president of the Business and Economics club in high school. I enjoy playing tennis and volleyball. I was the Captain of my highschool’s 2020 Boys volleyball team. My hobbies include photography, filmography, and songwriting. I enjoy editing and creating original youtube videos for my youtube channel: CXumami. Through the many challenges I have faced in my life, they have empowered me to persevere towards my dreams and goals. I have strength in perseverance, innovation, and character. I make the best of all situations and remain positive in even harsh conditions. My dreams and goals may seem large and distant, but I don’t intend to stop striving anytime soon. I know I will go far beyond my limits.

Plaski Vue
Everyone has their own story to tell, but Plaski’s story is of self-identity, expressing your voice and gender equality. As a young leader, he took on courageous conversations centered around social injustice and domestic violence. He embraces challenges to project his perspectives in becoming a competent thinker. His teachers speak highly of him and consider him “a role model for his peers,” “is honest with himself and others and is great at communicating,” and “stayed disciplined and continued to consistently show up.” Congratulations and we wish you the best at UW-Milwaukee!

Personal Biography:
Hello my name is Plaski Vue. I am currently 18 years old with passions in the engineering field. I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in mechanical engineering. My long-term goals consist of networking far and wide and to give back to my community that has invested into me. To reach my long-term goals, it is essential I earn my degree to put the knowledge I have gained to helping myself and others develop together. My biggest achievement would be graduating high school as an honor student in the top 15% of my class. The hardest obstacle I have overcome was finding what my ambitions & goals were. My motivation comes from my family, friends, and all the programs that I am connected to. All of my motivations help me stay focused but most of all give me courage to keep taking the next step forward. I will continue to strive to great lengths!

Undergraduate Recipients

Xay Yang
An aspiring educator is on the way. Xay is an emerging leader with a commitment to serve her Hmong community. She is not shy to share her story because she strongly believes that we are going through life together. Competing in various Miss Hmong pageants she has helped raised awareness and funding for suicide prevent. She is characterized by others as “showing great character and responsibility to leadership and academics,” “self-motivated and self-sufficient,” and “constantly seeking improvement.” We wish you the best as you continue your studies at UW-Milwaukee!

Personal Biography:
I am currently 20 years old, and will be a junior in the fall of 2020. I am attending the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and majoring in early childhood education. It is my professional career goal to work with children in a classroom setting to help them master standardized skills and learning concepts. During my free time, I enjoy Hmong dancing and baking. I am passionate in helping others, especially those within the Hmong community, which is portrayed through my previous role as a Miss Hmong. I hope to continue my involvement in the community and advocate for issues that are significant to me.

Wendy Vue
An aspiring nurse is on the way. Wendy has a passion for giving and helping others whether it’s supporting Hmong New Year pageants or saving a life. You probably don’t know but she’s also a distinguished poet with several first place awards. She believes that the best investment is to invest in yourself and do not limit your potential but challenge yourself to reach new heights. She is characterized by others as “engaging with community members,” “extremely dependable, a self-starter, is motivated and quick on her feet,” and “able to reflect on past experiences and connect those experiences to her desire.” We wish you the best as you continue your studies and finish your final year at Alverno College!

Personal Biography:
Future nurse and lifelong humanitarian. I am a current Alverno College student in the JoAnn McGrath’s School of Nursing program with dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner after graduation. I want to be the nurse who offers a strong desire to serve those beyond my loved ones. I am currently employed at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin as a Child Care Behavioral Technician in the foster care department. Outside of work, I enjoy contributing to my community through volunteerism. I sincerely believe no matter what level of education we receive, there are some things only life experiences can teach us. Thank you to the United Hmong American Association for this opportunity to tell my story and enabling me to reach my fullest potential. I will continue to strive for greatness and higher education to become a strong leader to better serve my community.

Beyonce Moua
An aspiring ICU cardiac nurse is on the way. Beyonce is a self-motivated first year student and a member of the Psi Theta Nu sorority to serve her community. Her service does not go unnoticed by serving in Key Club for over 4 years. She believes in making people and families feel comfortable, and rediscovering and acquiring self-motivation. She is characterized by others as “a caring, goal oriented, and intelligent young woman,” “very independent but know when and who to ask for help when needed,” and “possesses an intrinsic curiosity and motivation to learn that is uncharacteristic of many students her age.” We wish you the best as you continue your studies at UW-Green Bay!

Personal Biography:
Hello everyone, my name is Beyonce Moua and I am 19 years old. My brother and I were born and raised in Appleton, WI for the majority of our lives by two hard-working and loving parents. I am currently attending the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and pursuing a Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing degree. I aspire to work in the cardiac department, specifically in the Intensive Care Unit. I hope to do my part and give back to the Hmong community by inspiring young Hmong women to chase their dreams and pursue higher education.

Nou Lor
An aspiring humanitarian is on the way. At the end of the 2020-21 school year, Nou will have reached a milestone and will be the first in her family to graduate from college. Don’t forget her title of Miss Hmong Madison 2018. Nou believes in setting educational goals and exploring opportunities while fostering free will. She is characterized by others as “having a passion for helping others,” “able to carry out programs and activities,” and “an inspiration to others.” We wish you the best as you continue your studies and finish your final year at UW-Stout!

Personal Biography:
My name is Nou Stephanie Lor and I am the first child in my family to attend college. I am honored to be one of the recipients for UHAA Scholarship 2020. My volunteer experiences from school clubs and a local non-profit organization in Wausau for many years had striven me to want to make a difference in people’s lives- although my occupation may be unclear as of right now. I just finished my third year of college at the University of Wisconsin- Stout in the program Human Development and Family Studies in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Aside from school, I enjoy cooking, baking, eating, traveling, and hanging with friends and families.

College is not easy nor is it cheap. Someone once said to “push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.” Even though there are significant individuals who cheer you on the sideline, it is as important for you to cheer yourself on, also. You are your best cheerleader!”

Choua Vang
An aspiring journalist is on the way. Choua is passionate about recording people’s stories and preserving our Hmong culture. She has a heart of gold in the services that she provides to support non-profit organizations and disadvantaged people of all ethnicity. Choua believes that in order to experience the positives, we have to put ourselves out of our comfortability. She is vulnerable but humble. She is characterized by others as “impacting over 650 kids directly and 100 individuals indirectly through her volunteer work,” “dedicated to her work,” and “an extremely competent and compassionate individual who is always ready to help others out before herself.” We wish you the best as you continue your studies and finish your final year at UW-Stevens Point!

Personal Biography:
I will be a senior this upcoming fall at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. I am majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Media Studies with a minor in Sociology. I have many hobbies, but some include running, scrapbooking, journaling, cooking, cleaning, hiking and volunteering. I enjoy spending my time helping others because I believe that it’s a good first step towards making the world a better place. I was born in Thailand and through the stories of wars and struggles from my parents, I am grateful to be where I am. My parents have taught me to work hard and that is why one of my favorite quotes that I go by is “Miracle is another name for hard work” from the Korean drama To The Beautiful You. Also, one time an elderly lady told me while I was bagging her grocery that “When the world throws you a bear, you hug it, and turn it into a teddy bear.” These words have stuck to me since and has always been an inspirational reminder for me to continue growing and helps uplifts my mood when I’m feeling down. Not only that, but I have a teddy bear about my size, so this quote works perfectly!

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